User Licensing

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User Licensing

Code Factory offer two types of license to enable a user to choose a license style which best suits their individual needs.

Choose from having your license tied to your mobile cellular phone number, meaning that you can change device free of charge whenever you so wish to.
Simply transfer your SIM card to your new device, install your Code Factory product(s) and activate. Provided that you have the relevant SIM card in your new device which correlates to that phone number you're good to go.

If ever you remove your SIM card you'll have 12 hours of use of your Code Factory product(s) before they'll stop working, after which you'll have to re-activate your product again.

A serial number based license which is tied to the Code Factory software generated serial number of your device is also available. This license style is beneficial to users who wish to license Code Factory products but not have a cellular mobile phone service. Or in situations whereby the device does not accept a SIM card as with certain Windows Mobile devices.

Please note that the serial number method does not employ the IMEI or actual serial number of the physical device itself. Once your Code Factory product is installed, within the user settings proceed to `About`, where you'll be able to retrieve the serial number referred to as this is generated by the Code Factory software itself.

Read the Licensing FAQ here: